July 18, 2014

Mia / Senior Portrait Session

Mia / Senior Portrait Session

I may be biased….but this girl is stunning. Getting to do a session with my little (not so little) sister was beyond fun. Is she gorgeous or is she gorgeous?

girl standing on wooden bridge with green trees in the background in blue dress with her hands behind her back looking at the camera

girl in blue dress with a top knot sitting on wooden bridge over Butler Lake in Libertyville Illinois

girl in blue dress walking her beach bike over wooden bridge over Butler Lake

closeup of girl in blue summer dress with a top knot leaning over bike basket

closeup of girl leaning over bike basket wearing turquoise cross bracelet and pearl ring with gold band

18 year old sitting on red chair holding brittany spaniel liver and white puppy in front of green trees

Libertyville High School senior with blue eyes and blonde hair drinking water out of a large mason jar garnished with a lemon and a red and white straw

two 18 year old girls together walking bike and rollerblading down the street in Libertyville Illinois

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