Surprise Proposal downtown New Orleans | Nashville wedding photographer | Miranda + Tyler


My best friend getting engaged was one of the happiest things I have been apart of, but to have the honor of shooting the day takes it to a whole different level. This day reminded me why I love photography-people allow you into their most intimate and special moments. There is nothing like that privilege. Tyler and Mir, here’s to the start of your newest adventure! Scroll down to follow along through their day!

Much love,


Tyler convinced Miranda that on Saturday they were going to a luncheon put on by the office he is working at this summer. But at noon, Miranda receives a letter, hand delivered from a bike taxi driver.

“This is the first ride of a long journey together. Go with Tucker. I’ll see you soon. Love, Tyler D.”

A little after noon, Tyler receives a text from Tucker (the driver) confirming that he picked her up.

“Got her.”

Now they’re engaged!!! Collier and I jump out, and we take some quick shots of soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Dunnam. Miranda thinks that the four of us are heading to dinner, that the surprises are over. Little did she know that she had her closest family and friends are waiting for them to celebrate together.




  1. Wanda Rowray says:

    What a wonderful way to start your life together! Surprise after surprise are all still in store for you. You are such a cute couple and I wasn’t the least bit surprised that Tyler popped the question. All our best wishes to you as you start this "journey". It will be a wonderful one I am sure. Love from Grandpa and Wanda….