June 23, 2016

David + Miranda / Nashville Engagement

David + Miranda / Nashville Engagement

One of the first things I said to Dave and Miranda at their engagement session was, “So how do y’all feel about having your pictures taken?!” ¬†They proceeded to explain how they feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable, but not even 5 minutes later I couldn’t help but laugh because they are NATURALS (I mean just look at them). This is the exact reason that I always prefer to get an engagement session in with my couples; it gives them a chance to relax, get over the fact that someone is following them around with a camera, and actually let down enough to love on each other in a way that gives a genuine taste of what their relationship is like.

Dave and Miranda love swing dancing (I’ve honestly never been more impressed) and smoothies probably more than anyone I know. They are easy going and their love for each other is sweet and very fun. These pictures give you a glimpse of our night together and it made me that much more excited for part two when they get married next month.

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