October 8, 2019

Steph + Kyle / Chicago Engagement

Steph + Kyle / Chicago Engagement

In honor of these two cuties getting married in the northern Chicago suburbs this weekend, I thought it was the perfect time to share their fall engagement session. We spent some time at University of Saint Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Illinois on a chilly October afternoon last fall and it was a perfect warmup for their Chicago wedding. The leaves were changing and had mostly fallen of the trees so it was easy for these fianc├ęs to cozy up and get excited for their October wedding of this year. You just can’t beat a dreary brisk fall afternoon in the midwest. Steph and I actually went to high school together and reconnected when her and Kyle got engaged. I’m always extra honored to be part an old friend’s wedding and I can’t wait to celebrate these two this weekend!!

Girl in black dress and guy in green bomber jacket and jeans standing next to each other at University of Saint Mary of the Lake black and white photo of couple at park off of 176 under pergola couple walking under pergola at st. mary's of the lake in Munndelein, IL girl in all black holding hands with fiance looking at him as they walk under walkway man looking at woman walking hand in hand in between concrete pillars covered in green vines man embracing fiance in a bear hug woman sitting between fiance's legs one step below him on gray concrete steps man kissing woman on the cheek sitting in front of gray concrete pillars couple leaning against cream stone pillar smiling at each other with bright fall leaves on trees in the background man in green jacket running hands through hair of his brunette fiance man and woman laughing at each other standing face to face girl sitting on concrete bridge with fiance standing at her legs in front of forest full of fall colors girl and guy looking at each other sitting on bridge in front of st. mary's of the lake forest full of red and orange trees couple laughing together and woman is straddling man as he helps her off of sitting on ledge of bridge engagement session photo off of 176 in IL with couple cuddling on grassy area couple sitting on gray blanket in yellow fall leaves popping bottle of champagne man pouring champagne for his fiance into glass flutes couple sitting on gray blanket in fallen yellow leaves near Libertyville IL lovers wrapped in gray blanket in the fall in front of bare trees fiances standing in front of tall trees with no leaves and the ground covered in yellow leaves couple running towards camera looking at each other at st mary's in Chicago IL couple kissing each other in forest with leaves falling over them man and woman walking towards camera on gray bridge with orange October trees in the background

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