Like sitting down for coffee with an old friend


I'm a Midwesterner (whaddup Windy City!) turned southern belle (honestly, I don't fit the part, probably never will, but I think you automatically earn that title when you live in The South for 8+ years). Not much makes me happier than being with loved ones. People are my heartbeat. I'm like a Golden Retriever- I can't get enough of the ones I love and loyalty is the name of my game. 

About Marissa

I believe in fighting for relationships and helping the ones I love see to it that they live to their full potential. Marriage to my college-friend-zoned bff turned lover is the best thing that's happened to me; I'm a better person because of it and it makes my work better. I'm a huge fan of brunch or really any excuse to get around a table for good food and intentional conversation. 

Fast Friends Cheat Sheet

d. become an accountant

c. wear cowboy boots

B. adopt a cat

A.laugh at my own jokes

10. most likely to:

Call me M, Riss, Mariss 

9. Nicknames?

8. i'm afraid of:

d. run a marathon

c. visit all 50 states

B. write a book

A. sky dive

7. one of my life goals is to:

    Direct, calming, confident

6. communication style:

    iced coffee

5. you can almost always find me with _______ in hand

d.iron chef cooking skills

c. self-discipline TO RESIST SWEETS 

B. an eye for opportunity & casting vision

A. keeping my house clean

4. my superpower is:

   found the Nathan to my Haley

3. relationship status:

d. jeans + graphic tee

c. anything ralph lauren

B. Dress + pumps

A. yoga pants + sweatshirt

2. go-to outfit:

    Funfetti cake

1. my favorite breakfast:


Long walks around through 12th South and Belmont's campus right before the sun goes down

A few of my favorite things

My birthday & thoughtful intentional celebration (gifts and QT are my jam)

A few of my favorite things

Having my house full of family and friends

A few of my favorite things

Having a good dark color on my nails at basically all times (OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark is the real MVP)

A few of my favorite things

Pillow talk and laughing about nothing with Coll right before we fall asleep

A few of my favorite things

Downtown Chicago on an August day

A few of my favorite things