Let me ease your mind

What is required to reserve our wedding date?

To keep it as simple as possible for my clients, all that is required to reserve your wedding date is a signed contract and a retainer of 50% of your package price. I send you an invoice through an online system which allows you to pay online as well. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


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Your website says based in Chicago & Nashville. How does that work?

I live in Nashville full-time but because I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, I have a solid client base there and am up in the city consistently throughout the year. Because of that I treat Chicago weddings like I would a Nashville wedding as far as cost goes, rather than charging like a destination wedding.  Is your wedding in Chicago? Reach out! 


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My wedding isn't in Nashville or Chicago. Are you still available?

Absolutely! Depending on where and what traveling I am required to do travel costs may impact your package price.


Your questions, answered.

Are travel costs included in my package price or is it tacked on as extra?

The number you see for your package cost is the total cost. There are no hidden or added fees on top of the package. 


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What if you haven't shot at my venue? Does that matter?

It does not matter if I have not shot at your venue before. I always arrive early enough to a new venue to pick out the best places & spaces to shoot so that I'm well prepared to give you guys the best experience that day.  I familiarize myself with the space enough that you would never know it's my first time there!