Elegant Backyard Dallas Wedding | Nashville Wedding Photographer | Ashley + Charlie


Charlie & Ashley…there’s just so much I could say about these two but it’s going to be hard to put words to how freaking amazing this couple is. Charlie is one of our best friends from college and when Ashley came into the picture it was crystal clear that they were a match made in heaven. I mean it’s laughable how obvious it is that they were just made for each other. We weren’t sure if Charlie would be able to find someone who matches his level of passion for people and for life but Ashley is MORE than we could have ever hoped for for Charlie. They’re the kind of friends that you never want to be away from. They do fun and spontaneous really well and they also do real life, we’re always here for you life really well. That’s hard to find, ya know?  And the fact that they wanted me to take part in this day just about sent me over the edge. Like for real. There just really aren’t many people in this world like the Dankerts.

Charlie and Ashley are the most intentional people you’ll ever meet and their wedding was just a perfect reflection of that. The community that surrounds them is one-of-a-kind and completely champions these two. This day was absolutely beautiful but what made me the most teary-eyed was seeing these two come together committing to a meaningful, passionate, crazy adventurous life together.

Mr. and Mrs. Dankert, love y’all and this day was incredibly perfect. SO excited to cheer you guys on as you start on your best adventure yet!

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