Impact Wedding Summit 2020 in Orlando, Florida | Nashville Wedding Photographer


I’m just getting settled back into real life in Nashville and wanted to let you all in on what I was up to last week. I left early Monday morning for the first ever Impact Wedding Summit. It was basically the crossroads between vacation and education/connecting + networking. Because this was the first, I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I knew, for sure, that it would be incredible though because the Hons only do things BIG. I went to their business workshop, Hustle + Flow in July of 2018 and then attended their Level Up workshop (focused on the luxury wedding market) in January of 2019. Impact Wedding Summit was a new breed though. It’s a space where egos aren’t welcome, where only genuine connection and authenticity is allowed to show up. It is a huge breath of fresh air in the wedding industry where it can feel isolating and lonely because a lot of people have the mentality of “I’m just looking out for #1”. Brittani and Jon have created an incredible thing and I was so excited to experience the first Summit!



Day one started off with Andy Maurer speaking on fragmentation and how to allow our whole selves to show up. He taught us how to give ourselves grace and what it looks like to give our wounded parts a seat at the table so we can be known, loved, and healed. WOWOWOW. Guys, this guy is the real deal.  It set👏🏼the👏🏼tone👏🏼 for the retreat. I was blown away by people’s authenticity and transparency as we worked through, as a community, how to show up as best we can for our clients, our families, and for ourselves.

On day two we got to learn for 8 other alumni and it was so refreshing to be part of a community in our industry that TRULY wants to see each other rise up. I learned so much from each speaker and came home with some many new ideas.

Chris Ramos: how to Improve Client Experience

Vanessa Hicks: Blogging

Chelsea Abril: Work/Life Balance

Steph Zakas: Elopement Photography and Finding your Why

Jayleigh Flood: Using Instagram as a tool

Sara Welch: Finding your voice through Email

John Branch IV: Leaps of Faith and Failing Forward

Katherine Marchand: The Power of Presence

Tuesday night was insanely fun at the “Making Money Moves Party”. It was a celebration of all we accomplished in 2019 and a celebration of all that is to come for us in 2020. If Coll would have been with me it would have been a perfect night. It was so nice getting to reconnect with friends and for real champion each other. And yes, it was actually as fun as the pictures make it look😜


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Kayla Surico, Jasmine Kingery, Meagan Lindsay Shuptar, and Jessica Bell Photography