Modern Nashville Wedding at Marathon Village | Nashville Wedding Photographer | Miranda + Dave


A friend of mine recently asked me if my cheeks hurt when I leave a wedding from smiling so much behind my camera….to be honest I had never paid attention…until Dave and Miranda’s wedding. It’s safe to say that weddings are the BEST and my cheek muscles (do cheeks even have muscles?) get a great workout when I shoot a wedding.

Within the last year Dave and Miranda met, started dating, and are now married!! They were enthralled with each other all day and were so intentional in the ways they included their families and loved ones in celebrating their wedding day. One of my favorite parts of a wedding has become standing back and giving couples space to create their own moments…to take time to let newlyweds love on each other and fill the space/silence in a way unique to them…those always end up being some of my favorite images of the day because no other couple interacts the same as the next.

I feel like I say this every other day, but I really am blown away each time two people trust me to be part of their wedding day. Dave and Miranda, y’all are so sweet, kind, intentional, and your love is inspirational! Thank you for letting me hang with y’all and thank you for trusting me to create heirlooms for your family and generations to come!

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  1. Lisa Laniewski says:

    What a beautiful collection of amazing wedding photos to cherish for a lifetime. You’re an enchanting bride, Miranda. Congratulations and God’s blessings for both of you.

  2. Kristina N says:

    These are stunning! 😍

  3. Hayls says:

    Proverbs 30:18-19
    Matthew 19:4-6

  4. Miranda Mayer says:

    Just melting over these amazing photos as we approach 1 year 🙂