I’m just getting settled back into real life in Nashville and wanted to let you all in on what I was up to last week. I left early Monday morning for the first ever Impact Wedding Summit. It was basically the crossroads between vacation and education/connecting + networking. Because this was the first, I wasn’t […]

It’s always an honor when I get to take Chicago engagement photos. That’s true no matter who the couple is but it’s especially true when it is for a good friend from high school. I always love reconnecting with people from home. I met Steph and Kyle in the Chicago suburbs for their couples photography […]

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Ari and Matt’s Chevy Chase Country Club wedding was stunning. From sun up to sundown, the day was beautiful and sunny. It was also complete with typical Chicago summer June heat. Matt and Ari went to high school together in the Chicago suburbs. They have since put down roots near their hometown in the northern […]

Katie and Cav had the sweetest wedding day at The Cordelle event venue in Nashville.  I lived with Katie our freshman and sophomore year at Belmont University. Given the history, I cried more at this wedding than I do on an most wedding days. Katie and Cav bring out the joy, settledness, and peace in […]

I’m quickly learning that reconnecting is one of my favorite things on the planet. I’m also learning that my job seems to be the queen of reconnecting me to people that I loved at different times in life but for one reason or another lost touch with. This is exactly what happened with Heather. We […]


Charlie & Ashley…there’s just so much I could say about these two but it’s going to be hard to put words to how freaking amazing this couple is. Charlie is one of our best friends from college and when Ashley came into the picture it was crystal clear that they were a match made in […]

Because Collier and I understand the gold mine we stumbled upon in marriage we’re always looking for ways to get closer and grow and get to know each other more (because newsflash, getting married doesn’t automatically mean you know every last detail about your spouse-shocking, right!?). That being said we decided to make a couple […]

Liz and Sam’s classic wedding day was nothing short of breath-taking. From the elegant and timeless decor at the most beautiful venue in Raleigh, to the way their friends and family celebrated them and supported them, it was one for the books. One of my favorite things about weddings is watching how obvious it is that […]

Cynthia & Michael, where do I even begin?! These two are the most fun, down to earth, people’s people that you’ll meet. When you walk into an engagement session feeling like you are longtime friends, you know you’ve got a good couple. These two, the kind of couple who cares about the details but cares immensely […]

Last week we talked about the biggest stumbling blocks to a good marriage. If you missed that and have no clue what I’m talking about, go back and read it here before reading further on this post. As I said last week (and anytime I talk about marriage), marriage is an amazing gift and adds so […]

  Now I’m no marriage guru, but being a woman of the people, and a girl’s girl (we’re all in this together), I’m here to share the insight that I do have with you guys…because you guys have asked me to. So here we are! If you’ve known me for two seconds you know that […]